144 / 430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver ID-52

144 / 430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver ID-52 

Main Features

-First adoption of a large transflective color liquid crystal display that is easy to see outdoors. 
-Supports Bluetooth® communication as standard. 
-Realizes simultaneous reception of two waves of V / V, U / U, and V / U. Also supports DV / DV mode. 
・ D-STAR® functions such as terminal mode / access point mode are enhanced. 
-Supports UHF (225 to 374.995MHz / AM mode) air band reception. 
-Speaker output has been greatly increased to 750mW (ID-51 is 400mW). 
-ID-51 options can be used for batteries, microphones, etc. 

ID-52 is the first amateur radio portable device to be equipped with a color liquid crystal display. 
Moreover, in addition to increasing the size to about 2.3 inches (ID-51 is 1.7 inches), by adopting a transflective display, 
excellent visibility is realized even in bright places with sunlight. 
It also supports Bluetooth® communication as standard. In 
addition to being able to wirelessly connect to an Android ™ device with image trimming software ST-4001A / ST-4001I or control software RS -MS1A installed, you can 
also use the optional Bluetooth® compatible headset VS-3. 

Furthermore, the following functions have been enhanced from the previous model ID-51 series. Simultaneous reception of two waves of V / V, U / U, and V / U also supports DV / DV mode.
The reception frequency of the air band is extended to UHF (225 to 374.995MHz) in addition to VHF. 
Equipped with a USB terminal, it also supports USB charging, and the speaker output has been greatly increased from 400mW to 750mW. 

In the functions related to D-STAR®, a new function has been added to send and receive images saved on the microSD card using only the ID-52 main unit. 

Photos taken with a smartphone can be sent with ID-52 via Bluetooth®, so you can easily enjoy image transmission. 

The ICOM ID-52 Handheld

 The ICOM ID-52 Handheld is the newest VHF/UHF D-Star  transceiver to hit the market. The Icom ID-52A/E follows the discontinued ID-51.  Two versions will be available globally, the ID-52A for the USA and the ID-52E for Europe.  It has a similar layout and slightly larger size.

The most obvious difference is a large 2.3″ color display that uses the new transflective technology. This makes it easy to see outdoors, even in bright sunlight.  The addition of Bluetooth enables connection to audio headsets, image transfer, and remote controls. The use of micro USB charging is also finally here. 
New Improvements
Wider Air band coverage
Louder 750 mW of audio power
Improved D-STAR functionality
Internal GPS receiver
Simultaneous V/V, U/U, V/U or DV/DV reception 
SD card slot, the DR function and Terminal/Access Point modes.
Micro USB charging
Larger 2.3″ color display
America / Europe models A/E
DR function 
D Star digital mode
Icom ID-52 Features
Simultaneous reception in V/V, U/U, V/U, DV/DV
Air band reception 225 to 374.995 MHz.
Can be charged via a micro USB connector
Audio output is now 750 mW.
The latest D-STAR functions allow you to send, receive and view saved photos on an installed micro SD card using only the ID-52.
Enriched D-STAR features including the terminal mode/access point mode
UHF 225 – 374.995 mHz air band reception
Increased audio output power to 750 mW 
Accessories for the ID-51A/E will fit the ID-52
The ICOM ID-52 Handheld
The new design allows you to use the accessories from the ID-51. A powerful 750 mW RX audio output means it will be heard  at all times. The 2,3″ color display and larger frame is the most noticeable difference.

Programming software download


Programming software download

typeProgramming software
product nameCS-52
versionVersion 1.01
release date2020/09/29
Major changes

New release

Supplementary explanation, caution

* Before downloading this software, please read the operation manual and check the equipment and operating environment required for installation, the flow of use, etc.

instruction manualGo to the instruction manual download page

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it’s the same
ID-52 / IC-705 / IC-9700 / IC-7100 / ID-4100 / ID-5100 / ID-51 / ID-31 / RS-MS1A / RS-MS1I / RS-MS3A / ST-4001A / ST- 4001I

Icom will exhibit at Fire & Disaster Asia 2019 Singapore

 Icom will exhibit at Fire & Disaster Asia 2019 Singapore

From October 1st to 3rd, Icom will join Fire & Disaster Asia 2019 Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (Booth R27) and will be showcasing the complete lineup of our radios, including P25 and IDAS™ digital radios widely used for public safety agencies, LTE radios which use LTE (4G) and 3G networks and Satellite PTT radio which operates over the Iridium© satellite network. Furthermore, we will introduce emergency communications solutions for disasters such as hard carrying cases which can be immediately deployed on site and RoIP gateway solutions which interconnect different radio systems and protocols. We all hope to see you there at the Icom booth.


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